Latex Balloons, Latex Clusters & Giant Latex Balloons

Latex Balloons, Latex Clusters & Giant Latex Balloons

We all know what a latex balloon is but not everyone knows they come in all sorts of different sizes from 5″ (12.5cm) to 36″ (90cm) and virtually every colour of the rainbow

We only sell quality latex balloons and we mostly use the 11″ variety unless asked for a different size.

Unknown to a lot of people latex is porous to helium so a latex balloon will only stay afloat for 24 hours,  therefore we treat all our balloons inside with a sealer, extending the life of the balloon to a few days (they often stay afloat for a couple of weeks)

All our latex balloons are sold with a length of colour coordinating balloon ribbon long enough for a floor standing display

We are happy to make your clusters up to your desired number & height i.e. whether they are for a table decoration or floor standing.

For more info on our fantastic balloon range please fill out the form below, e-mail, give us a call on 01353 661500 or better still pop in to our shop in Ely and say hello.