Airwalker Balloons & Supershape Balloons

Airwalker & Supershape Balloons.

Airwalker & Supershape Balloons,there is nothing better than seeing your children’s surprised faces when they see giant balloons in the shape of their favourite characters whether, action adventure , cartoon, or animated TV program we can supply most of them. We have in stock, Spider-Man, Batman, Minions, My Little Pony, Star Wars, Pepper Pig, Thomas the Tank Engine, Dinosaurs, Tractors, JCBs and much much more.

If you have seen something you fancy for your child (or big kid) and we don’t have it in stock you might still be in luck as we have access to some of the country’s largest stockists of air-walkers and super-shape balloons and if they have what you want we can have it in our shop within the next couple of days.

Air-walkers are helium filled foil caricature replicas of  My Little Pony, Minions, Star Wars, Spider-Man etc then precisely weighted so as they only just stay on the floor but staying upright making them able to be lead around.

Supershape Balloons are large helium filled floating foil balloons  in the shape of cartoon caricatures, animals, dinosaurs etc. These balloons really make a statement ay any party or event as they are very large quite often measuring 36″ – 90cm in size

For more info on our fantastic balloon range please fill out the form below, e-mail, give us a call on 01353 661500 or better still pop in to our shop in Ely and say hello.